A Detailed Study on United Breast Cancer Foundation

How will Early Detection Help to Treat Cancer?

According to United Breast Cancer Foundation on Blogspot, the non-profit organization was established in the 2000 and in the month of October. United Breast Cancer Foundation aims to offer a helping hand to the people who are in dire need. As a matter of fact, it plans on extending its helping hand to all the corners of the community. It might have started small but it plans to do bog things. UBCF wants to serve the non-insured, under-insured, or the low-income women of New York. The organization has it’s headquarter in Huntington State of New York. It also has a regional office in Annapolis MD. The organization is helping out men, women, and also their family all across New York.

United Breast Cancer Foundation has a dedicated group of professionals. They make sure that patients get excellent care, service, and compassion when they deal with the organization. As a matter of fact, United Breast Cancer Foundation also has a dedicated group of women professionals. They are known as Team UBCF. In case you want to find out more about UBCF, you can check United Breast Cancer Foundation on Pinterest.

The executive director of UBCF is Ms. Stephanie Mastroianni. She has been working here since 2002. She has been the working force behind the success of UBCF. Thus, it has been successful in becoming a great organization. This is mainly due to her personal experience with breast cancer that she has been so dedicated to this cause. She has helped the organization to work better in helping out people. It is said that her mother died at the age of 42.

United Breast Cancer Foundation offers seven life supporting programs to their patients and also their family members. These seven programs are Breast Reconstruction, Holistic Grants, Breast Screenings, Community Service, Individual Grants, Audrey B. Mastroianni College of Scholarship, and Child Support. The organization will make every possible effort to maintain the entire body. Also, it tries to prevent cancer by early detection. This is because studies have shown that you can reduce the effect of cancer if you are able to detect it at an early stage.

The clients of United Breast Cancer Foundation are primarily women. They are aged in between 30-65 years of age. The organization helps out low-income groups because they are generally denied the assistance of the other organization. Even if this is a national organization, it takes measures to maintain a close relationship with the clients.

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