About United Breast Cancer Foundation

The Aim of United Breast Cancer Foundation

Lauren Brohm had started working as the Office Manager and the Executive Assistant of the UBCF or United Breast Cancer Foundation later in the year 2016. Her main aim was to help in organizing and streamlining the various process of UBCF office. Lauren Brohm has over 15 years of experience as he exemplary manager. Often she has demonstrated the extraordinary skill and unquenchable desire to do something for the community. As a matter of fact, it is her desire that encapsulates the various qualities which according to UBCF account on Medium, this foundation is looking for in a successful team member as this will help them to reach to each and every corner of the community.

The mission of UBCF is to bring about a positive difference in the lives of people who are affected by cancer. United Breast Cancer Foundation will provide you screening, treatment, and after-care. In fact, they also offer education material and assistance to the patients and their family. Moreover, it the foundation is also known to do some charity work by giving grants to the community health centers and hospitals to help out the patients and families who are dealing with breast cancer. By working hard to get rid of the stress and strain which cancer might cause to the patients and their families, the foundation is doing a commendable job.

United Breast Cancer Foundation account on Behance states that they plan on taking care of the health of patients and their families, through the traditional and holistic treatment options. They provide treatment to everybody irrespective of their age, race, and income. They are providing the template on how it strongly believes in preventing, diagnosing, and treating the breast cancer. The foundation is of the opinion that this can be successfully implemented. The United Breast Cancer Statement has made it clear that its goal it to offer a helping hand to the cancer affected people. The foundation embraces certain values which will help in easing out stress and strain that the patient and his/her family suffers from.

The UBCF is a non-profit organization that plans to serve men, women, and families through effective life supporting programs. The foundation is honored to work with all the well-known organization, individuals, and businesses. This has helped them to develop partnership that enables them to reach out to those who need their help. For facilitating this, it regularly invites community business and stake holder for taking part in a co-creative conversation regarding their partnership with UBCF and how it has helped them reach their business goals.

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