UBCF – A Detailed Study of Their Work

Things Done by United Breast Cancer Foundation

United Breast Cancer Foundation was established in year 2000. It took place in the month of October. As a matter of fact, it is a non profit organization which plans on helping out each and every corner of the society. If you look into its history, you will find that it started off small.

About United Breast Cancer Foundation it can be said that it works to serve the low-income and the non-insured people of New York. This organization has its headquarter in New York, Huntington Station. The regional office is located in Annapolis MD. At present, the organization is serving the men and women of the community in order to prevent the deadly disease called cancer.

United Breast Cancer Foundation is run by a trained group of staff. They plan on offering excellent service to their clients. Thus, the clients have a favorable experience while working with UBCF. It has team of women professionals who are known as Team UBCF. Ms. Stephanie Mastroianni, the Executive Director of UBCF has been a part of the organization from 2002. it is with her help that the organization turned out to be a success. She had a personal experience with breast cancer and this has helped her to work hard for the organization. Her mother died of cancer when she was 42 years old.

United Breast Cancer Foundation provides the community seven lief-supporting programs to the patients. These seven different programs are Breast Reconstruction, Holistic Grants, Individual grants, Child Support, Community Service, and Audrey B. Mastroianni College. UBCF works hard to maintain your body and thereby, prevent cancer by detecting it at an early stage. It is seen that when cancer is detected early, it will reduce the risk of the disease turning ugly.

The client of United Breast Cancer Foundation is mainly people with low and in between 30-65 years. Usually, they are denied the assistance of various other organization. In despair and frustration forces them to turn to UBCF. Even though this a global institute, it maintains a close relationship with the clients. The offer the things that the patients are looking for and make them comfortable. In fact, the organization makes it a point to stay in close contact with the patients even after the treatment. UBCF has stated that it is proud to work with the well-known individuals, organizations, and also businesses. This helps them to cater to their goal of helping out the needy people.

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