United Breast Cancer Foundation – The Non-Profit Organization

How does UBCF Help the Community Fight Cancer?

Lauren Brohm is working in United Breast Cancer Foundation Presentations on Slideshare from 2016. She is the Executive Assistant and also the Office Manager of this organization. The over-riding goal of the foundation was bring about a positive difference in the lives of people who had been affected by breast cancer. UBCF offers grants to community health centers and hospitals so that the patients and their family obtain the benefit of health care for the issue of breast cancer. The United Breast Cancer Foundation mentions that it embraces various values that will help in easing the strain and stress of the disease of cancer can cause to a patient and their family member. It strives hard to maintain their health and wellness.

For facilitating this goal in an effective manner, the organization aims to help out people who are troubled by the problem of breast cancer. It offers screening and treatment along with after care. United Breast Cancer Foundation Videos on Youtube displays that it provides educational materials to family members and patients so that they have enough information about the problem. It helps the patients through traditional, as well as traditional treatments by providing services to people irrespective of their race, income, and age. In fact, United Breast Cancer Foundation also offering template on how it believes that preventing, diagnosing, and treating breast cancer can be effectively implemented.

UBCF is a non-profit organization which plans on serving women and men through seven different life-supporting programs. The organization states that it is honored to work with all the well-known organizations, individuals, and businesses for the purpose of developing partnership. This helps United Breast Cancer Foundation to reach out to people who need their help. For facilitating this, it invites stake holders on a regular basis to take part in the co-creative conversation regarding how the partnership with UBCF will help in reaching their business goals. With the help of the partnerships, you will be able to support a relatable and important cause while displaying that your business is value-driven. It will also show that your business is dedicated to bear social responsibility.

Lauren Brohm has been employed in United Breast Cancer Foundation for streamlining and organizing the process of UBCF office. She has over 15 years of experience in exemplary management. Often she has shown customer service skills along with an intense desire to do something for the community. UBCF always looks for team members who will help out this organization to reach out to every corner of the community for effective maintenance of a healthy environment.

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